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A Book of Little Traditions
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Spirit and Soul – 06 / 12 / 2014
(spirit, soul)

❖ kami or spirit of things that are of benefit
inochi いのち
(life, life force, lifetime, lifespan)

❖ Archaism – fate, destiny, karma
ki 気¹
(spirit, mind, mood, energy)

❖ A spiritual and physical vital force related to breath and electricity
❖ An energy form that can be generated and used by people
¹ Modern simplified form
konpaku こんぱく 魂魄
kon (yang energy, spirit)
paku | haku (Yin energy; spirit)
konpaku (yang and yin)

❖ (Daoist)
❖ Also soul, spirit or ghost
kon こん
(yang energy, soul, spirit)

❖ Soul or spirit
❖ Also called tamashii
tamashii たましい
(soul, spirit)

tama.shii (soul, spirit)
haku はく
(Yin energy; spirit)

❖ Spirit
mitama みたま 御霊
mi (honorable)
tama (soul, spirit)
mitama (spirit of a kami)
mono もの
(thing, object)

❖ A thing or animal spirit
rei れい
(soul; spirit; departed soul; ghost)

❖ Spirit (of a human)
❖ (See tama)
❖ Frequently of the dead
tamashii たましい
(soul, spirit)

❖ The human soul, spirit
❖ Also called tama
tama たま
(soul, spirit)

tama.shii (soul, spirit)

(spirits, soul)
❖ (See rei)

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