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kokka shintô (State shintô) – 06 / 14 / 2014
kokka shintô こっかしんとう 国家神道
ko (land, earth, country)
ka (house, home)
kokka (state; country; nation)
shin (that which inspires feelings of reverence, awe, gratitude, fear/terror)
tô | dô (way)
shintô (indigenous-based spiritual practices mainly engaged in by many of the people of Japan)
kokka shintô (state shintô)

❖ A term, mostly used in the West, to describe the type of shintô practiced from the meiji era to the end of World War II
"State religion" – While never officially acknowledged as such, kokka shintô was the de facto state religion of Japan from 1868 to the end of World War II.
The end of kokka shintô – kokka shintô officially came to an end after the surrender of Japan when the supreme commander of the allied powers issued the shintô Directive and ordered the separation of the government from religious affairs during the occupation of Japan. Separation of church and state was incorporated into the 1947 constitution of Japan.

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