shiyakujin no hokora
A Book of Little Traditions
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minkandenshô (Folklore) – 06 / 15 / 2014
minkandenshô みんかんでんしょう 民間伝承
min (people, nation, subjects)
kan (interval, space)
minkan (folk, popular, private, civilian, civil, unofficial)
den (transmit, report, communicate, legend, tradition)
shô (hear, listen to, be informed, receive)
denshô (lore, transmission, hand down information, legend, tradition)

❖ (folklore)
Folklore – Consists of praxis, popular beliefs, tales, music and songs, histories, poems, jokes, and sayings that are the traditions of a group.
jôrei (Praxis) – Popular practices and ways of doing
The Others – The other peoples that the share this world
meishin (Superstitions) – Popular beliefs about lucky or unlucky actions

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