shiyakujin no hokora
A Book of Little Traditions
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IntroductionWhy an E-Book?

Why an E-Book?

There are several reasons why we presented this material as an E-Book: ethical considerations, timeliness, distribution, the ability to update instantly and cost.

As much of this material comes from my many teachers, I don't consider it mine to "own." I'm merely the current repository of this information. It's my obligation to improve on it and pass it on to the next generation. The copyright on the Introduction page is to keep anyone from trying to monopolize the material; it really belongs to our communities.

As I stated earlier, this is a work in progress. I expect it evolve as my understanding grows and as other people share their experiences with me. It grows as we and our communities grow. This is not now, nor should it ever be "finished." The internet allows this growth and evolution. Changes can be easily incorporated into the body of this material and then propagated back to our communities. Furthermore, if you disagree with the direction towards which this "book" is moving, feel free to take this information and modify it to suit the needs of your community.

The dynamic nature of the material herein would make it prohibitively expensive to print in a book form. The frequency of change alone in our culture dooms it failure. The cost of running and maintaining a web site is far less than printing a book.

But there's another kind of cost. I'm deliberately not charging for this information. I personally think that what's contained herein is too important to place a mere monetary value on it. Never-the-less, it does have a cost. It's taken me over fifty years to accumulate and evaluate this information; I'm far from done. There's so much left to know; I expect to die before I'm finished. If you choose to follow, you too will spend a lifetime on this journey.

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