Welcome to 四厄神の祠 [shi-yaku-jin no hokora]
shi-yaku-jin no hokora is both this virtual online shrine and an actual, small, family-owned,  • minzoku NEO-shintô  shrine located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.
It was established November 1, 2010 to  calm  the 四厄神 [shi-yaku-jin] – the four misfortune kami – and mitigate their effects on eastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.
It is associated with the  • Sacred Cedar Shrine  located in western Wisconsin.
(kami enshrined in the hokora)
  • hi-no-kami
  • tsuki-no-kami
  • and the shi-yaku-jin
    • binbô-no-kami
    • ekibyô-no-kami
    • kyô-no-kami
    • shi-no-kami

On entering or leaving the hokora, it's polite to bow before passing through the torii.

Take a moment now to renew your mind and spirit before entering.

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e.g., 民俗ネオ神道 「みんぞくネオしんとう」 is rendered as minzoku NEO-shintô
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