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Mentoring Elders
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Neo-Paganism 201:
Mentoring Elders,
A Dialog About the Future
of Neo-Paganism

second edition - revised
edited by Volkhvy of Rockhopper - 5 / 26 / 2024

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This material applies equally well to all branches of modern Neo-Paganism. This is, after all, a "book" about stengthening communities through mentoring elders, and if we expect our various communities to survive, they will need to develop their own sets of elders.

I originally hesitated to place this material into print as I felt that violated the dynamic spirit of Neo-Paganism. I worried someone would take this as dogma.

This is not dogma!

There is a serious lack of direction when one reaches the highest level of responsibility in Neo-Paganism. This material is intended as a starting place for a dialog about the future of Neo-Paganism. That level is not an end, but instead is the beginning of serious training for those with a vocation within Neo-Paganism. The information hinted at here will require a lifetime to acquire and master.

There is no destination; only the journey.

This is not a book!! It is not intended to be read from start to finish; rather it is an organization of ideas that we feel should be included in the training of any religious leader. We have therefore avoided any material that is specific to a particular tradition. The contents are a series of outlines of key ideas related to the subject heading. A mentor working from this material is expected to flesh out these outlines from their own experiences and knowledge. As such, feel free to add any information that you see as lacking, or delete any information that you disagree with.

This version is and always will be a work in progress.

No profit is intended to be made from the use of this material as presented excepting that gained from an understanding of the information herein. Please respect this intent as you use it.

Copyright for original materials herein is retained by the respective authors. This material is intended as an aid for the mentoring of elders in Neo-Pagan communities. Said mentors may reproduce any original materials contained herein, under the fair use provision, as long as all attribution and copyright statements are included.

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