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bokusen (Divination) – 07 / 19 / 2014
bokusen ぼくせん 卜占
boku (divining, fortune-telling)
sen (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)

❖ (augury, fortune-telling, divination)
❖ Also called senboku, uranai, ura
senboku せんぼく 占卜
uranai うらない
ura うら
sen (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)
boku (divining, fortune-telling)
senboku (divination; fortunetelling; soothsaying)

uranai (fortune-telling; divination)

urana.i (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)

(fortune-telling; divination)

(fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)
futomani ふとまに 太占
futo (plump, thick, big around)
mani | sen (archaism: fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)
mani | chô (archaism: portent, sign, omen)

❖ Scapulimancy (divination using the cracks in the heated shoulder blade of a deer); spatulamancy; armomancy
keiba けいば 競馬
kei (compete with, bout, contest, race)
ba (horse)

❖ Horse racing as a form of harvest divination
kiboku きぼく 亀卜
ki (tortoise, turtle)
boku (divining, fortune-telling)

❖ Heating the shell of a tortoise and interpreting the resulting cracks
❖ Also called kame-ura
kame-ura かめうら 亀卜
kame (tortoise, turtle)
ura (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)

kame (turtle, tortoise — outdated knaji)
ura (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)
kayu'ura かゆうら 粥占
kayu (rice-gruel)
ura (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)

❖ Generally performed on January 15
❖ The objective is to divine the weather, harvest, or other aspects of the year to come
❖ Also called mi-kayu'ura
mi-kayu'ura みかゆうら 御粥占
mi (honorable)
kayu (rice-gruel)
ura (fortune-telling, divining, forecasting)
matoi まとい 的射
mato (bull's eye, mark, target)
i (shoot, archery)

❖ Archery divination
❖ Done within a shrine at the new year
omato-shinji おまとしんじ 御的神事
o (honorable)
mato (bull's eye, mark, target)
shin | kami (that which inspires feelings of reverence, awe, gratitude, fear/terror)
ji (matter, business)
shinji (shintô ritual)

❖ Archery divination ritual
❖ Done by firing an arrow, frequently at the end of winter
omikuji おみくじ 御神籤
o (honorable)
mi | kami (that which inspires feelings of reverence, awe, gratitude, fear/terror)
kuji (lottery, raffle)

❖ A paper lot on which a personal fortune is written
❖ Procedure for obtaining an omikuji at a shrine
1. Pick up the small rounded container filled with bamboo sticks
2. Think of the question you want an answer to
3. Give it a shake, and a long stick will pop out of a small hole at the top
4. The stick will have a number, which corresponds to a fortune
5. Based on your number you get a slip/roll of paper on which is written your fortune
6. If you draw a good fortune, keep it; if it's bad, you can leave it at the shrine
❖ Click here for a simulation of the experience
❖ Also called mikuji
mikuji みくじ 神籤
mi kami (that which inspires feelings of reverence, awe, gratitude, fear/terror)
kuji (lottery, raffle)

mi (honorable)
kuji (lottery, raffle)

mi (honorable)
kuji (lottery, lot, raffle)
yabusame やばさめ 流鏑馬
ya | na (current, flow)
busa | kabura (whistling arrowhead)
me (horse)

❖ Archery divination
❖ Done as a contest on horseback

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