shiyakujin no hokora
A Book of Little Traditions
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kitôshi (Shaman) – 06 / 26 / 2014
kitôshi きとうし 祈祷師
ki (pray, wish)
tô (pray)
kitô (prayer, exorcism)
shi (expert, teacher, master)

❖ (medicine man, shaman, faith healer, witch doctor, exorcist)
The shaman in Japan overlaps with mediums and diviners, in that they all communicate with spirits, especially those that afflict people with disease or misfortune. Mediums tend to be more passive, where they are possessed by a kami or spirit of the deceased, or they are contacted through dreams. While diviners and shamans are more active, in that they seek contact with the kami or spirits of the deceased in order to discover why they have afflicted a particular person, and what it will reqire for them to cease their actions.
mukoku – Dream revelation
kamigakari – Possession by a kami
miko – Medium, shaman, shrine maiden
geki – Medium, shaman, diviner

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