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geki (Male Shamans) – 06 / 26 / 2014
geki げき
(medium, diviner, sorcerer)

❖ Shaman, sorcerer, medium, diviner
❖ The radicals or parts of the kanji are those for person, craft, and see which can be taken as "the seeing craft people"
Male Shamans – A man possessing the ability to receive takusen in a state of kamigakari. A geki is capable of summoning a divine spirit or the spirit of a deceased person to descend into his body and mind; this process is called hyôi or kamigakari. Usually called a "shaman," although, as he serves as an intermediary to the world of divine or deceased spirits, he could just as readily be called a reibai.
❖ Also called fugeki, otoko miko (male miko), onoko kannaki
fugeki ふげき 巫覡
otoko miko おとこみこ 男巫
onoko kannaki おのこかんなき 男祝
fu (medium, diviner, shaman, oracle)
geki (medium, diviner, shaman, oracle)
fugeki (shaman, oracle, diviner, medium)

otoko (man, male)
miko (medium, diviner, shaman, oracle)
otoko miko (male medium, male diviner, male shaman, male oracle)

onoko | otoko (man, male)
kannaki (invocation, congratulation, celebration)
onoko kannaki (male medium, male oracle)
reibai れいばい 霊媒
rei (spirits, soul)
bai (mediator)

❖ (medium)

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