shiyakujin no hokora
A Book of Little Traditions
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Influences on shintô – 08 / 29 / 2012
Like most older religions, shintô has been influenced by ideas and practices that originated elsewhere and were subsequently imported in to the Japanese islands. shintô has been more successful than many other religions at incorporating these influences and tranforming them into uniquely Japanese expressions.
kanji and Ancient Chinese Thought – Writing and the concepts embedded within the symbols
butsu (Buddhism) – Originally from India, by way of China, with a detour into zen
jukyô (Confucianism) – The organization of government, and ideas of social order and family
dôkyô (Daoism | Taoism) – An appreciation of nature and natural processes
shugendô (Way of Training and Testing) – On mountains, mysticism, and magic

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